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Hérault (Languedoc Roussillon)

Beaufort (101,102,103,104,110,111,112), Oupia (113,114,115), Olonzac, Homps
The village of Beaufort is in its entirety a historic monument. From Beaufort, there are views to the Pyrenees. In the middle of the village is a medieval chateau that dominates the village. From Beaufort, there are many hiking and within half hour drive to the beaches at Narbonne Plage.
Olonzac is a lively small town with shops in the Minervois, there is a very popular market in Olonzac (Tuesday morning). In  Olonzac you can shop, here is a supermarket, butcher, fishmonger and a number of bakeries, but also a visit to the hairdresser is possible. On the terrace of Cafe La Poste is a good place. There is also a tennis court in the park. You will also find several good restaurants in the vicinity of Beaufort and Olonzac.
The picturesque village of Homps, located on the "Canal du Midi". With many nice and cozy restaurants on the canal, where pleasure boats sail past.
Nice trips in the area are Carcassonne (La Cité is a uniquely preserved 11th century complete town, breathtakingly lit at night), the university town of Narbonne, the nine locks of Beziers, the sandy beaches of St Pierre la Mer and Narbonne Plage and Gruissan (all within 40 minutes). The beautiful countryside in the Haute Languedoc National Park is worth visiting. Even the Pyrenees, the purpose of your day trip can be. For lovers of fish is the Canal du Midi in the immediate area, boats for trips on this channel can be hired in such Homps. Lac de Jouares to Homps is an ideal opportunity for windsurfing, sailing, fishing and swimming.
Weekly markets are in Olonzac (Tuesday), Lézignan (Wednesday), Ginestas (Thursday).

         Photo: Café de la Poste                               Photo:market Olonzac

Aigne, Minerve, La Caunette (201,205,209,210,875)
Aigne the picturesque village is an attraction, with the old core in the form of a snail. In the old houses in the escargot are several galleries located where painters and other artists exhibit and sell their products. The name dates back to Roman times Aigne: Villa d'Annius (121 BC.), Named after a vetraan from the army of Julius Caesar. At the place where the Kuypers rental villas are rented (St Michel), was once a Roman villa. There are tiles, pottery shards and tiles found at the time. There are private growers who produce good quality wines. Aigne also has a fantastic restaurant: Lo Cagarol. In the season in the village of various activities and festivities.

A few kilometers away is the famous Catharendorp on the rock: Minerve, certainly worth a visit. Aigne has two small grocery stores, where you can buy your baguette. Larger supermarkets are in Olonzac, approximately 6 km away, where you also can go to the market Tuesday morning and then just cozy up to Cafe de la Poste a cup of coffee. There is also a butcher / delicatessen, newsagent, several bakeries, fishmonger, hairdresser, photo thing, etc. For beach lovers. The beach Narbonne-Plage, St Pierre sur Mer or Gruissan Plage is a 3 minute drive from Aigne. Narbonne Plage is a pleasant boulevard with many shops and cafes. In the center of Narbonne, you can enjoy shopping there and there is market on Thursdays and Sundays. Minerve is a remarkable medieval fortress is situated where the rivers meet Cesse and Briant. These little streams that contain water in the past have made a tremendous feat for the steep and deep"gorge" to grind into the plateau at the beginning of the Haut-Languedoc. This deep gorges here and there over 40 meters high, gave the town the status of an impregnable fortress. Today Minerve to reach a bridge that has become iconic for the city. The fortress walls are still preserved parts, like the remains of two ancient towers, the Tour de la Prison and the Tour of Cathar. The Cathars were inextricably linked to Minerve, in 1209 were all 140 people after a long siege, ultimately, death. The small village has given its name to the surrounding vineyards, the Minervois Minerve to reach and to leave, you should use the D907 from Aigues-Vives. Just before Minerve has a magnificent view over the city. Cesseras approaching the city via a separate adventure, then you drive along the gorge of the Cesse. It is better to drive back through the D907.