Before you start your Holiday, we recommend that you have a good travel and cancellation insurance.
We are officially recognized as an insurance agent for the “Europeesche Verzekeringen” and may format directly the policies for you.

Cancellation Insurance:
The insurance for the price of the rent of your villa, this is the cancellation insurance.
This insurance will refund, in the event of valid reasons for cancellation, the entire rental fee for the villa, even in the event if you can’t continue your holiday. This also allows you to redo your holiday at another time.
If you have to cancel your trip or if you have to break it off  prematurely, for a reason that is not listed in the conditions, then you are entitled to a fee of 75% of the cancellation costs or  fee of breaking off the holiday. 25% of the amount is for your own account. Consult the conditions for the exceptions.

This insurance is recommended if you are on holiday with multiple families. The premium amounts to 7% of the fare plus policy and insurers administration costs and insurance premium tax.
- also-last minute bookings are covered
- extensions: Observer, pets
- all cancellation reasons can be ensured
- even parts of a holiday you put together yourself will be reimbursed

* The Observer:
The basic coverage of the cancellation insurance covers cancellation by serious events within your family in the first or second degree. If something happens outside the family circle, and you can’t go on holiday or you have to break it off , for example with:
-the one who takes care of  your home and pets
-the one who perceives your business during your holiday
-a friend who suddenly has become seriously ill and you may need to interrupt your holiday, then you can get a fee of 100% if that person is insured. For this extension, you will pay 1% additional premium per observer.

Damage insurance
For all bookings at “Kuypers Verhuur” is a damage insurance included. This insurance covers damages up to € 2.500,00 which could potentially arise during your stay. This is to protect you as a tenant for any costs that may arise. With this insurance you are covered for possible damage that occurs to the property during your stay. For example, children who have painted on the walls or a table falls over that just was covered, with all its consequences.
Your liability insurance does not cover any damages that are caused to the property of others, either you use it or lend it, whether against payment or not.
The premium amounts to 1.5% of the fare plus policy and insurers administration costs and insurance premium tax.
Benefits shall be granted if the damage amount is higher than € 25,-. The maximum allowance is € 2.500,-per rental agreement. If your holiday is cancelled then premium refund is possible.

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