Reservations policy General

It is advisable to thoroughly read the policy below. The rights and obligations of both clients and Kuypers Verhuur B.V. are described herein. Through effecting an eventual reservation with Kuypers Verhuur B.V., but also through ticking the acceptance checkbox at the bottom of the reservations form, you agree to be legally bound by the conditions herein. These conditions form part of the Rental Contract.


You can reserve accommodation through the Internet. You will receive confirmation of the reservation from Kuypers Verhuur B.V. should the reservation be accepted, if necessary Kuypers Verhuur B.V. will contact you concerning the desired rental period. In July and August there is the possibility of a minimum rental period of two weeks, even if this is not specified in the villa information.


The tariffs for our accommodations can be found on our website and in our catalogue. In the event of typographical errors by reference to said rental tariffs, Kuypers Verhuur B.V. is in no way obligated to uphold said referenced tariff. Kuypers Verhuur B.V. retains the right to amend said tariffs as necessary, excluding hereby contracts already completed.
The costs for cleaning and options will be changed on January 1st of each year. These prices are binding on the current bookings for that year.
All villas are exclusive for rental with Kuypers Verhuur. All prices on our website applies.

Arrivals and departures

The rental period of the holiday villas of Kuypers Verhuur B.V. runs from Saturday to Saturday, unless otherwise specified in the villa description. The accommodations are made available to you for the contracted period exclusively. Access to the holiday villa on the first day of your stay is between 16.00 and 19.00 hrs. You can collect the key at our office in Beaufort. The key must be returned to our office in Beaufort.
In case the house has a key safe, you can choose on your personal customer page for the key service by the house against additional costs. On the arrival day you will receive a SMS message with the location and code for the safe. On the day of departure you can leave the key in the key safe. On the day of departure you are normally expected to vacate the villa before 09.00 hrs. You can choose for the services ECI (early check in, arrival from 13.00h pm instead of 16.00h) and/or LCO (late check out, departure 12.00h pm instead of 9.00h). You can click on these services on your personal customer page (against additional costs). Should this prove not to be possible, you will receive a message in the week before your arrival date. If you expect to arrive later then 18.00h it is essential that you make a good agreement with Kuypers Verhuur B.V. for handing over the keys.

Facilities and disruption

Not all of the, by Kuypers Verhuur B.V. suggested external facilities, such as restaurants, shops and sports facilities, are open day in day out the whole year through. Use of these facilities is at your own risk. Kuypers Verhuur B.V. is not responsible for attractions of any form that during the period of your visit are for any reason whatsoever inaccessible. In the event of unforeseen road works or other building activities in the vicinity of your holiday villa, Kuypers Verhuur B.V. accepts no responsibility for any disruption or distress caused hereby. Also in the event that, during extreme weather conditions, certain facilities may be disrupted (e.g. power failure) or become unusable (e.g. swimming pool) or any other disruption beyond their control, Kuypers Verhuur B.V. can in no way be held responsible.

Most pools at our holiday villas will be prepared for use from mid-April.


In the event that pets are permitted in a particular holiday villa, this permission is as a general rule restricted to one animal. Only after consultation with and with permission from Kuypers Verhuur B.V. are more animals welcome. For each pet an addition of € 25,00 must be foreseen. Please note that in France for dogs and cats an evidence of health and vaccination certificate against rabies are obligatory. In France not all dog breeds are allowed. Please see
Should the house have been used with pets an extra fee of € 25.00 will be charged and is self cleaning not allowed. 

Reservations fee

For each reservation a fee of € 33,00 will be charged for administration costs. All reservations will be handled by  mail. In case you would like to receive the reservation documents by post, we will charge you € 5,00.

Reservations and payment

Kuypers Verhuur B.V. will acknowledge every reservation with a written confirmation. On receipt of this confirmation you are expected to pay a deposit of 30% of the total rental fee together with the reservations fee, premium for the insurance damage to lodging accommodation and the cancellation insurance premium. The balance of the rental fee and eventual travel insurance premiums should be paid no later than 8 weeks before the start of the rental period. At least two weeks before your arrival date you will receive an additional invoice for the cost of cleaning/inspection, any options you have booked and the deposit. This invoice must have been paid before your arrival.
By late reservations (8 weeks or less before the start of the rental period) the full rental fee and insurance premiums should be paid on receipt of the confirmation. All payments should be paid into the bank account number made known to you in the written confirmation from Kuypers Verhuur B.V. Any costs incurred through bank payments or transfers are at your own expense. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that in the event of non-payment of the deposit on or before the date stated in the confirmation/invoice, and/or the balance within the stated period we reserve the right to regard the reservation as having been cancelled, in which case the cancellation clause will be strictly applied.

Amendments by the client

Should you wish to make amendments, of whatever nature, to a previously agreed reservation, this must be directly conveyed to Kuypers Verhuur B.V. Should the amendments be approved you will receive a written confirmation from Kuypers Verhuur B.V. The fee for such an amendment is € 25,00. An amendment as regards the rental period or the villa itself is regarded as a Transfer.

Transfers by the client

Transfer of your reservation to another holiday villa or another rental period is possible (provided that the villa available is and by taking into consideration any relevant reservation conditions) until February 1 of the year in which the original rental period will start. The fee for such a transfer is € 150,00 In the event that you wish to make the transfer later than the aforementioned period, this shall be considered to be a cancellation and the cancellation clause will be applied.

Additional costs

Eventual additional costs that must be met which shall be deducted from the deposit on departure can be found under the details of the villa. Also certain additional costs not specifically referred to, such as costs of gas, water, electricity and telephone usage (where applicable) fall under this category. You should also take into consideration the payment of any local tourism taxes. You should note that the price of these supplies may differ from the price in the Netherlands.

The tourist tax is charged in accordance with our rules, which apply equally to all reservations made through us. Both the amount and the method of calculation may thus differ from the tax actually due in a place. The tax invoiced based on the reservation will neither be reduced or refunded, if you arrive later or leave earlier than you are allowed, nor if people booked would not use or use less the rented. If your house is used by more/other people than upon which the tax has been calculated, we are entitled to invoice you for the additional amount.

For the cost of cleaning, any options you have booked and the deposit you will receive an additional invoice before your arrival date. The costs for electricity, tourist tax and locally reserved options are subsequently deducted from the deposit.

If it was agreed that the costs of electricity consumption  is included in the rental fee and there might be an excessive consumption, we shall be entitled to charge this additional to the tenant.

Insurance Damage to Lodging Accommodation

This insurance is obligatory with Kuypers Verhuur. Payment will be made if the insured is liable for the damage and this exceeds € 25,00. The maximum payment amounts to € 2.500,00 per rental agreement.
The cost of this insurance is 1,5% of the rental fee (+ policy and insurers administration costs), to be paid with the initial payment. You will receive from Kuypers Verhuur B.V. the insurance conditions.
In case of cancellation the premium will be repaid.


In the event there is an internet connection we assume you have the knowledge to make the connection by your self or with the help of a written instruction on handling of the owner, if available. Kuypers Verhuur B.V. can not be held responsible for the functionality and instability of internet. We advice you to take a cable with you. 

Final Cleaning

You are expected to do the daily cleaning of your holiday villa yourself. The final cleaning shall be carried out by Kuypers Verhuur B.V. (except when expressly otherwise agreed), the costs of which can be found in the price summary. Anyhow, Kuypers Verhuur B.V. will charge you for € 30,00 control fee.
In the event that you are allowed to carry out the cleaning yourself, you are requested to carry this out to the highest standard. We will reach you a cleaninglist on arrival. You will have to wait until an employee has checked the cleaning. For verification we charge you € 30,00. Should Kuypers Verhuur B.V. be of the opinion that the house is not cleaned to our standard extra costs of € 25,00 per hour will be charged. In addition extra costs of € 15,00 will be charged per item for the following: BBQ cleaning, terrace sweeping, fireplace cleaning, take away waste, take away empty bottles.
Should the house have been used with pets an extra fee of € 25,00 will be charged and is self cleaning not allowed.

Guarantee deposit

Where no higher or lower guarantee deposit is specifically referred to in the accommodation description a sum of €400,00 will be charged. This guarantee deposit, less the (eventual) additional costs, such as gas, water, electricity, phone, tourism tax, locally reserved extra facilities and eventual costs for breakage, loss or other damage, will be repaid to your bank account within 4 weeks after the termination of the rental period.


The inventory of every house is comprehensively controlled by Kuypers Verhuur B.V. once a year and roughly checked at the end of every rental period. In all our houses the following minimum facilities are present: Complete fitted kitchen including refrigerator, gas stove or electric hob. You have your own entrance, normal sanitary arrangements, hot and cold running water, sufficient heating, electrical capacity and sufficient blankets or duvets. For questions over specific extras such as filter coffee machines, dishwashers or washing machines etc. you should consult the details of the holiday villa. Kuypers Verhuur B.V. is not responsible for changes in the inventory should Kuypers Verhuur B.V. not be here over informed. If on arrival anything should be missing, defect or damaged, you should report this immediately to Kuypers Verhuur B.V., its representative on site, or the key holder. Also if during your stay you should break, damage or lose anything, or if anything ceases to function, you are earnestly requested to report this immediately.

Additional services

Bed linen, towels, kitchen towels etc. are not standard available. We offer additional facilities for this purpose, see our website at the house information!
Kuypers Verhuur is not liable in case you choose to take your own bed linen and information on the dimensions of the beds is different from the actual situation on spot. 

 If you wish to use one or more local services during your stay you can easily order it in your own language by telephone on our number: +33 582 880 100.
A surcharge on the regular price of € 2.50 per person applies. For the comfort packages a surcharge of € 5.00 per person applies.
You can also choose for:
Interim cleaning (on Wednesday or Thursday) € 25,00 per hour (minimum 2 hours)
Additional pool maintenance € 40,00 per time
Additional maintenance Jacuzzi € 36,30 per time
A mobile air conditioning unit (if available) € 50,00 per week 


The number of persons referred to in the villa description is the maximum number allowed. By reservation or later if so instructed, Kuypers Verhuur B.V. must be informed of the full names of all persons who will be using the holiday villa. Occupation of the villa by more, or by other persons is not permitted without written permission from Kuypers Verhuur B.V., even if more beds are available. If you wish to invite friends during your stay, you should first consult Kuypers Verhuur B.V. or their legal representative. Camping on and/or the parking of a caravan/camper in the grounds of the villa with the intention of using it for residential purposes during your stay is not allowed, unless written permission is given by Kuypers Verhuur B.V.
In case the house is used with the permission of Kuypers Verhuur by more persons than the maximum allowed, an additional amount for rent and cost rice will be charged. If an additional person is permitted to travel with you, a rise for rent and costs will be charged equal to the rent (plus cost rice) divided by the maximum persons allowed. If prior authorization is not obtained, the amount will be doubled.
In case of other deviations from what is indicated in the reservation, a rise for rent and costs will be charged (plus administrative costs), if this would have led by a correct indication of the tariffs calculated by us to another rent/rise of costs. Both in case of more people and in case of deviation in the specified ages, the tourist tax will be charged accordingly.

Cancellation by the client

Your reservation is final when made by you through our website or recorded by us in your assignment. Cancellations should be made by telephone to Kuypers Verhuur B.V. and simultaneously by registered letter.
On receipt of the written cancellation Kuypers Verhuur B.V. will despatch a cancellation confirmation and invoice. 
By cancellation the total amount as invoiced with the deduction of the travel insurance is due, together with the reservation fee and insurance premiums are due. Previously made payments will be deducted and settled immediately according to the cancellation clause and the cancellation bill. Cancellations that fall under the cancellation insurance will be handled according to the insurance conditions of the insurer. Natural disasters, extreme weather conditions, blockades and other traffic problems, terrorism and/or other situations of hindrance and acts of God, not specified in the insurance conditions as being covered by the insurance, through which the client is unable to exploit the reserved accommodation shall not form grounds for cancellation, deference of payment, reduction of payment and/or termination of the rental contract.

Cancellation by Kuypers Verhuur B.V.

In the event that Kuypers Verhuur B.V. is compelled by circumstances to cancel the contracted rental of the holiday villa, the client will be directly informed here over and if possible will be offered alternative accommodation. In the event that the alternative is not acceptable, or that an alternative is not available, Kuypers Verhuur B.V. will repay immediately all fees previously paid. The client is solely entitled to the repayment of this sum, except in the case that Kuypers Verhuur B.V. should cancel the contracted rental of the holiday villa within 8 days before the start of the rental period, in which case a compensation payment of €115,00 per reserved holiday villa will be made, this in the event that an alternative is not acceptable, or that an alternative is not available. Excluded from this compensation payment are reservations made less than 8 weeks before the start of the rental period.

Cancellation insurance

Participation in cancellation insurance is taken as read, also by late bookings. The cost of this insurance is 7% of the rental fee (+ policy and insurers administration costs), to be paid with the initial payment. You will receive from Kuypers Verhuur B.V. the insurance conditions. By consequence from the date of reservation you are no longer liable for the incurred rental fee should certain events such as described in the policy conditions of the insurer compel you to cancel the reservation.  

Liability of the client

During your stay in the holiday villa you are as client fully accountable for said rented holiday villa, the furnishings, fixtures and fittings which belong by the accommodation, and for any damage caused by yourself and/or companions, Kuypers Verhuur B.V. shall be fully reimbursed. You will take charge of the holiday villa in good condition and are expected to keep it so. In the event that, on first entering the accommodation, you discover any such damage or defects, through which the accommodation could be described as not “in good condition”, you should inform Kuypers Verhuur B.V. or their representatives without delay, by not reporting it the accommodation will be presumed to have been consigned to you “in good condition”. For all the additional costs, such as electric, gas, water, and telephone usage etc. you are as client fully responsible, unless by written agreement expressly rescinding liability for these costs. Kuypers Verhuur B.V. are considered to be within their rights to recognize the client as having been, and to be nonetheless liable should Kuypers Verhuur B.V. not have been appropriately and fully reimbursed for any damage caused. The client is deemed to be solely accountable for all extra, hereby related, legal and/or non-legal costs, notwithstanding the eventual liability of any other persons rightfully considered to be a contracted party or legal representative of Kuypers Verhuur B.V. and/or third party’s. The “House Rules”, which can be found at the holiday villa, form an integral part of the Rental Contract and should be strictly adhered to.

Liability of Kuypers Verhuur B.V.

Kuypers Verhuur B.V. cannot be bound to identified errors or mistakes in the description and/or prices of the accommodations offered for hire. Kuypers Verhuur B.V. can accept no responsibility for loss, theft, damage or injury, of any sort, causing distress to or by clients and/or their companions renting accommodations contracted by Kuypers Verhuur B.V., albeit caused by misuse of and/or defects in the accommodation. Clients and/or their companions make use of the swimming pool at their own risk. Children and/or adults without swimming diplomas may use the swimming pool, and/or be found in the vicinity, only when using swimming aids and under the supervision of third party’s with swimming diplomas. Kuypers Verhuur B.V. and the owner of the holiday villa cannot be held responsible for accidents of any kind in and around the holiday villa and swimming pool.

Defects on equipment or installations. At the beginning of each rental season, all equipment and installations will be checked for proper operation by the owner of the villa. The possibility exists that during the rental equipment or installations foul. Kuypers Verhuur will make every effort to remedy the situation, but is not responsible for the correct operation. If an appliance or installation foul and this cannot be solved, Kuypers Verhuur will compensate a maximum of € 25,00 per week.


Notwithstanding our care and attention to detail it is nevertheless possible that you may have a legitimate complaint. This complaint should be made immediately, where possible, on site, as instructed by Kuypers Verhuur B.V. to the representative of Kuypers Verhuur B.V. This representative shall take the complaint into consideration and do his best to resolve it. In the event that it is not possible to make the complaint directly and/or that the complaint was not satisfactorily resolved, it should fully reported by letter, within 2 weeks from the end of the rental period to Kuypers Verhuur B.V. Complaints made later than 2 weeks from the end of the rental period will not be accepted and presumed rights of entitlement will be deemed to have expired. In extreme situations you should directly, from your holiday location, make contact with Kuypers Verhuur B.V. via the telephone or fax numbers and/or e-mail addresses made known to you by Kuypers Verhuur B.V. As a rule a reasonable and acceptable solution can be found and you can further enjoy your holiday. Autonomously moving into another holiday villa than the one contracted by Kuypers Verhuur B.V. casu quo leaving the, by Kuypers Verhuur B.V., contracted accommodation will invalidate all entitlements to compensation. Kuypers Verhuur B.V. is, in all circumstances, solely liable for the amount of the rental fee.

Nature of the rental contract

The reservation and subsequent rental is solely for recreational purposes, therefore specifically not for permanent residence, for the agreed period made available as holiday accommodation. This relates to a contract that by nature is of short duration.


The law of the Netherlands is applicable by the reservation/rental and the Honourable Judge of Utrecht is in the first instance solely authorised to consider in disputes between the parties, in as far as no other judge should be authorised on compelling legal grounds and/or that the parties designate another (legal) body e.g. Arbitration Commission.

Friendly for children: Sufficient toys for little children.
Safe for children: Without direct danger for little children around the swimmingpool or house.
Privacy: Level of view of the neighbouring on garden and/or swimmingpool
Surrrounded site: surrounding of the site by natural vegetation, walls of brick or other closures.

Kuypers Verhuur B.V. is not responsible for typing and printing errors.


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