Terms of payment

1. 30% of the total rental fee, reservation fee (€ 33,00), charge for pets and extra persons, premium insurance Damage to Lodging Accommodation and the cancellation insurance premium. Payment shoud be made within 8 days after confirmation by Kuypers Verhuur. The booking is final once you have reserved the villa of your choice via our online booking system. Then the cancellation policy applies. The cancellation insurance shall take effect once the first invoice with the cost of this insurance has been paid.

2. 70% of the total rental fee should be paid no later than 8 weeks before the start of the rental period. By late reservations (8 weeks or less before the start of the rental period) the full rental fee and insurance premiums should be paid immediately. Additional costs will be deducted from the deposit, such as gas, water, electricity, phone, tourist taxes, breakage and extra facilities ordered locally. You should take into account that prices can vary from prices in the United Kingdom and that you have to pay local tourism taxes.

3. final cleaning and booked options must have been paid before your arrival. At least two weeks before your arrival date you will receive an additional invoice on which also the deposit will be charged. Costs for gas, water, electricity, phone, tourist taxes, breakage and facilities ordered locally will be deducted from the deposit.

General information

You are expected to do the daily claining of your holiday villa yourself. The final cleaning by Kuypers Verhuur is obligatory (except when expressly otherwise agreed). Costs of cleaning can be found in the price summary.

If you are allowed to bring your pet, you should note that extra charges are applicable for both bringing and the final cleaning. Self cleaning is not allowed. 

In the event that you are allowed to carry out the cleaning yourself, you are requested to carry out to the highest standard. Please inform us on arrival. We will reach you a cleaninglist. Kuypers Verhuur will charge you € 30,00 for control fee.

Administration costs € 33,00

You can download the route to your villa from your personal customer page. Approximately one month before arrival you will be informed how and where the keys will be handed over to you.

The insurance Damage to Lodging Accommodation is obligatory with Kuypers Verhuur. Payment will be made if the insured is liable for the damage and this exceeds € 25,00. The maximum payment amounts to € 2.500,00 per rental agreement.
The cost of this insurance is 1,5% of the total rental fee (+ policy and insurers administration costs), to be paid with the initial payment. You will receive from Kuypers Verhuur B.V. the insurance conditions. In case of cancellation the premium will be repaid.

Participation in cancellation insurance is taken as read, also by late bookings, except in case you already have a continuing cancellation insurance or in case of payment at once.

Bed linen, towels, etc. are not part of the standard inventory.
We can offer several extra facilities. See information of the villa.


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