News - Kuypers Verhuur to join forces with Belvilla


Dear reader,

We are writing to tell you more about the new partnership between Kuypers Verhuur and Belvilla and how it will affect you.
In recent years, we have given careful consideration to the future of our company and the need to secure the continuity of the rent and services in our region in the long-term. Recent developments have also resulted in a significant growth in the number of new houses built in our region in the past year.

To be able to guarantee you the continuity and quality that you have come to expect from Kuypers Verhuur, we decided to set out to find a strong partner.
This led us to Belvilla, an organisation that we are set to join forces with as of 1 December 2018. From this date onwards, Belvilla will focus on rental activities, while Kuypers Verhuur will concentrate on service provision in the south of France.

You will be pleased to know that very little will change to how you - our (regular) guests - experience your stay with us.

Who is Belvilla?
With 38-plus years of experience and more than 300 employees internationally, Belvilla is one of the biggest holiday home providers in Europe. It is part of the @Leisure Group, as are a host of other well-known brands, like DanCenter, Traum Ferienwohnungen, Topic Travel and Aan Zee.
Belvilla tenants  are currently able to take their pick from 27,000 holiday homes in 21 different countries.

What will change for you?
•    Belvilla will handle all new bookings as of 1 December 2018.
Kuypers Verhuur will continue to provide services to tenants; 
•    Just as with Kuypers Verhuur, you will have your own Belvilla customer page. You can use it to access information about your booking and holiday.

What will stay the same for you?
•    Kuypers Verhuur will process all existing and future bookings up to 1 December 2018. So, it will handle the payment and administrative processing of all of these bookings until this date;
•    There will be no change to how guests are welcomed, key handover or the cleaning service. Kuypers Verhuur will continue to provide all of these services and be your first port of call if you have any questions about services in the south of France.

We hope that you are just as enthusiastic about this development as we are and that we will have the pleasure of welcoming you to the south of France for many years to come!

On behalf of John and Lydia Kuypers